"Camshootu3asa" is the blog of Campbelltown SA University of the Third Age (U3A) Photoshoot Group.
Each month, during term time, we meet at an agreed location to spend an hour or so taking photographs followed by morning coffee at a nearby coffee shop. Members of the group are encouraged, but not obliged, to post a selection of their "shots" on the blog each month.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lochiel Living with Nature - Vale

Lochiel Park was developed as  a Sustainable Living Village with spaces for people and nature to co-exist. Located in the Campbelltown Council district, on the banks of the Torrens River. In the past it was home to Indigenous people, early European settlers and is currently a community of creative people.

 Even the walking path signs are happy!

 These mosaics hide ugly concrete drains and are part of the S.A.L.A festival 2016

 There is indigenous art to be found in the woodland walk.

The birdlife seems relaxed about encounters with humans!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lochiel Park -The Green Village in the Campbelltown suburbs - by Robin

Lochiel Park - The Green Village

With Golf (and coffee) under the trees

Where out of the shadows an O-Bahn bus appears

The community must like gardening - nice veggies

But I am not sure sure about the old iron - Any old iron?

The boab trees look strangely out of place

But Hobbs House stands majestic

The magpie is making sure that you toe the line

Even if low flying cockatoos ignore advice about speeding

Lochend House - don't fence me in

The lush surroundings make for..

Green Housing